As a PhD student you can pursue an individual study programme with specified set of courses for each semester. The individual study programme is developed together with your advisor
While designing your study programme,you can not only select courses offered by Warsaw University of Technology but also by courses from any other higher education institution of your choice! The individual study programme in semesters 1-7 must include the Individual PhD Research course and PhD Seminar. Your advisor will be your instructor for both.


Faculty of Price
per year
status: October 2016
Supervisor email
Faculty Contact


 €5000  October / February Open

 Electrical Engineering

 €5000  October / February Open

 Electronics and Information Technology

 €6000  October / February Open

 Power and Aeronautical Engineerging

 €4000  October / February Open

 Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering

 €5000  October / February Open

 Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering

 €3500  October / February Open

 Chemical and  Process Engineering

 €4000  October / February Open


Further information on Ph.D. studies is provided by the Head of Ph.D. Programmes (at the Faculty) and by the Department of Studies – Section for Ph.D. Studies:

00-644 Warszawa, ul. Polna 50
tel. + 48 22 234-63-30
tel./fax + 48 22 234-64-04




Tuition fees will be refunded only in the following instances:

1. If the Candidate was conferred a long-term leave of absence specified in §19 section 1 point 1 of the Academic Regulation of Warsaw University of Technology, constituting an appendix to the Resolution No 301/XLVIII/2015 of WUT Senate dated 20 May 2015
If the Candidate resigned from studies due to health problems proved by a supporting medical certificate
3. If the Candidate resigned from studies due to important and documented chance events, for example refusal of visa to Poland

Refunds will not be approved where no special circumstances exist. A lack of knowledge or understanding of administrative requirements or deadlines is not considered to be special circumstances beyond a person’s control.

All payments made to WUT in foreign currency are converted into PLN at the rate of National Bank of Poland as of the day before the payment. In case of a refund of tuition fee, the sum received initially by the university is converted to the original currency at the rate of National Bank of Poland as of the day on which the refund is made. Please note that this may result in a different sum being returned, other than that credited.

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