Registration is one of the first things newly accepted students should do after safely arriving to Warsaw. It starts conveniently in our International Students Office and ends at your Faculty's main office, where you pickup the ID card (the only document which allows you to enjoy full rights of student in EU) and INDEX book (where all your records and marks are kept through studies).


Registration process requires from you three things:


1. Submit set of Documents in ISO:

    • 1 photo
    • signed inquiry form (you will get it from ISO)
    • signed loyalty oath (you will get it from ISO)
    • signed original of Decision (you will get it from ISO)

Originals and one copy of:

    • Secondary School Leaving Certificate (for B.Sc. students) // Bachelor degree certificate (for M.Sc. students)
    • if the certificate from the first point above is not originally in English, then: sworn translation to English or Polish
    • Legalization // Apostille on: Secondary School Leaving Certificate (B.Sc. students) // Bachelor degree certificate (M.Sc. students)
    • Eligibility Statement
    • passport (please make copy only of the main page(s) - those with personal information and photo)
    • document entitling you to stay in Poland (eg. visa)


2. Deliver to the Faculty:




  • 3 photos
  • proof of payment for students card (around 20 pln, details will be given at the Faculty)




  • medical certificate
  • copy of insurance
  • Nostrification (only B.Sc. students)


3. Pick up the ID card and INDEX book from your Faculty's main office. 





Registration process



INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS OFFICE is where you start the registration process. Conveniently, since it is usually the first office you visit at Warsaw University of Technology. The ISO role is to deliver the files to the main Registration Office (Department of Students Records) called DES. 

When submitting the copies of documents in ISO, remember to bring the originals with you too. We might ask you to show any document you attached in the system. 


MAIN REGISTRATION OFFICE, officialy called Department of Students Records (DES), is an office located in room 114 in the University which gathers all student's documentation and store it at the WUT's archives. DES assigns to you an ID number, giving you officialy a status of student.

After registration is complete, your file is kept for fifty years in the archives, so if you decide to return to WUT eg. after 20 years - you will have the same old ID number.


IT CENTRE is responsible for administering a huge online database of all students records called USOS. Without having an online file there your registration is not possible. This system is linked with the system our candidates use during admission process (

Because ISO sends your information from admission system, the quality of data you put there greatly matters. Remember about updating your address in Poland too.


FACULTY'S MAIN OFFICE is where you pick up the ID card and your INDEX book. You can find such office at every Facutly. It usually is close or connected with the offices of local authorities. Facutly office is usually also a place where new students register for classes and labs.

During the first few days or even weeks, some of the Main Offices will have long queues of students waiting outside. Follow the crowd - that's an easiest way to find one.

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