These are the "Additional Documents for Architecture" required at 2nd step of Online Application for M.Sc. Architecture:

1. CV

Standard CV including academic and professional experiences.

2. 2 academic references

The applicant must send min. two letters of reference which support the application. At least one of the referees should hold academic position and be well familiar with candidate educational background and suitability. References should be completed in English (if not – appropriate certified translation is required), scanned and sent during application process, also delivered in sealed envelope after acceptance to ASK program.

3. Design Portfolio

Portfolio should demonstrate candidate’s ability and experience in design appropriate to received degree. It may consist of architectural/urban design course works, other university works, graphic skills, interests, professional practice (if any). The spectrum of presented work may be very wide, the aim is to present the Admission Committee current achievements and thus also premises for future successful studies in the field of architecture. As visual communication is one of the most important skills of architect, the Committee will also pay attention to the form of portfolio in terms of communicativeness and aesthetics. Candidates are encouraged to present architectural/urban projects in the way allowing the reviewers to evaluate the idea of design. While the portfolio can include evidence of digital skills, the uncritical eye-catching renderings or „eye candies” would not be useful.  All work done in collaboration or in university or professional teams should clearly indicate the candidate’s contribution and role.

4. Statement of objectives

Statement of objectives should be written in prose and shall not exceed one A4 page. It should clearly identify the reasons of studying architecture on the MArch level as well as choosing ASK program and Warsaw Faculty of Architecture. CV should indicate educational, professional, scientific, travel, organizational and any other relevant experience deemed important and appropriate for ASK application process.


You will be asked to send these documents by email after you succefully complete 1st Step (Entry Documents) in the Online Application System.

After sending these additional documents, selected candidates will be invited for a Skype Interview.



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