Ms Yelyzaveta Liubonko

Ms Yelyzaveta Liubonko

(studies in Polish)

Country of origin: Ukraine 

Faculty: Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI) 

Level: B.Sc., 3rd year 

Course: Mathematics 

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish 

Additional information: Interested in instrumental music, travelling, active spending of time. I love helping others and, I’d be happy to help you get accustomed to your student life.  


Why did I decide to study Mathematics?

Since my childhood, I have enjoyed Maths, which is the true mother of all sciences. When I was a child, my sister, who is 9 years older, taught me Maths because it helped her to memorise the material easier. So ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed counting and thinking about different problems. In the past, I also met creative teachers who were developing children’s passion for Maths. In high school, I became interested in studying Mathematics at Warsaw University of Technology thanks to one of the students who talked about this course in such a fascinating way that I also wanted to study it. Studying Mathematics is a real challenge to me, but I feel that I fulfil myself perfectly.


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

When I was 15, I decided to continue my high school education abroad. Although it was not a very thought-out choice at that time, one can say that it was even impulsive, I have never regretted the decision about emigration. I think that Poland is very friendly with people from other countries and that its culture and people are wonderful. Most of the Poles who I have met are very hospitable, kind and tolerant. Many times, when I was not able to go for Christmas to my country, the Poles invited me for celebrating traditional Polish Christmas together with them.