What is Nostrification?

After you start your Bachelor studies, you will need to do a procedure of recognition of your high school education at Polish governmental Education Office (the procedure is called "Nostrification").

This requirement is valid for almost all high school certificates, except those which were issued in European Union (for example Cambridge A levels) or in the educational systems of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Lichtenstein, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine,USA. If you finished your high school education under one of these educational systems you do not have to do the procedure of Nostrification.

What documents do I need to submit at Education Office so that they give me Nostrification?

At the Polish governmental Education Office, they will ask for couple of documents, including document/documents which will have ALL the following information:

  • transcript of grades obtained during the final examination which enables completing school or a certain level of education and entitles to enter university education
  • transcript of grades of all subjects taught during the course of education, with grades
  • information about the number of years studied
  • grading scale with information about the lowest passing grade.
  • Eligiblity Statement for B.Sc.

In some countries all these information is already included in high school diploma or transcript of records. If not, please ask your school for an additional document with all these information. It is best to get it before you leave your country.

All these documents submitted for Nostrification have to be translated to Polish by a sworn translator. The translation to Polish has to be made from the original document (not from English translation).

 Apart from these documents, they will ask also for:

- application form which can be downloaded from the following wbesite, at the bottom of the page, under the name in Polish "Pliki do pobrania: Wniosek o uznanie świadectwa uzyskanego za granicą":,Uznanie-swiadectw-uzyskanych-za-granica.html

- once copy of your passport and/or Residence Card


Where is the Education Office?

In Polish it is called "Kuratorium Oświaty" and they are located here:

Street: Al. Jerozolimskie 28

Phone number: 22 551 24 00
Where should I submit Nostrification after I receive it from Education Office?
You need to submit it to your Faculty's office.


1.        which can be found on the following website, at the bottom of the page, under the name in Polish: „Pliki do pobrania: Wniosek o uznanie świadectwa uzyskanego za granicą”,Uznanie-swiadectw-uzyskanych-za-granica.html