At Warsaw University of Technology, as a Ph.D. student, you can pursue an individual study programme with a specified set of courses for each semester. The individual study programme is developed together with the Advisor. In the majority of cases, the Ph.D. studies are offered on a part-time scheme. Often, while designing your study programme, you can select courses offered from other higher education institution of your choice. The individual study programme in semesters 1-7 should include the Individual Ph.D. Research course and Ph.D. Seminar. Your Advisor will be your instructor for both.


Please visit this website:


Further information on Ph.D. studies is provided by the Department of Studies – Section for Ph.D. Studies*:

00-644 Warszawa, ul. Polna 50
tel. + 48 22 234-63-30
tel./fax + 48 22 234-64-04


* International Students Office is responsible only for B.Sc. and M.Sc. admissions, while the Department of Studies is taking care of Ph.D. admission.



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