RESIDENCE CARD = permit of residence in Poland after your student visa expires

When your visa to Poland is going to expire soon you have two options:

1. Go back to your country before your visa espires and apply for a new visa


2. Stay in Poland and apply for Residence Card


Where can I apply for Residence Card?

You have to do it at the following immigration institution: Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki w Warszawie - Wydział ds. Cudzoziemców

It is located at street Marszałkowska 3/5 in Warsaw.


When should I apply for Residence Card?

You have to submit application for Residence Card before your visa expires.

Please note that the procedure of Residence Card is very long. It is best to start it even few months before you visa expires.

Remember that after you apply for Residence Card you should not leave Poland because the Residence Card procedure will be canceled and you will not be able to enter Poland again (unless you apply for a new visa).


What should I submit to the immigration institution to apply for Residence Card?

The list of documents you will need for residence card with instructions is available here:,What-documents-do-I-need-to-submit.html

Note: From 12.02.2018 a new application form has been introduced than the one mentioned on the site above. You can download it from here (the first one, called "WNIOSEK O UDZIELENIE CUDZOZIEMCOWI ZEZWOLENIA NA POBYT CZASOWY":,UWAGA-od-12-lutego-2018-r-NOWE-FORMULARZE-WNIOSKOW-O-POBYT-CZASOWY.html



Remember that all documents submitted to Urząd Mazowiecki need to be written/filled in in Polish or translated to Polish by a certified translator.

Among the required documents there is a document from your Faculty that states that you are a student and that you paid the tuition fee. Please ask your Faculty for:

-          Zaświadczenie o przyjęciu/kontynuowaniu studiów z informacją o długości trwania studiów (Confirmation of being a student)

-          Zaświadczenie o opłaceniu czesnego z informacją ile wynosi czesne za całe studia i ile zostało już opłacone (Confirmation of payment of tuition fee)


Where can I get help in immigration issues?

If you have any detailed and specific questions about your immigration situation you can contact an official infoline for Immigrants: +48 22 490 20 44  and visit their website at


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