A majority of you are going to study here on full-time courses, longer than one semester. Deciding on what to bring will be a an important issue. You most probably will want to bring as much as possible, but try bringing the most practical things eg. toothbrush, towel, clothes etc. You will be able to buy most things here in Poland. There are a lot of shops with Polish products and things important from every part of the world. What you should also bring with you are things that will remind you of home, such as photographs, books, your favourite CDs and/or DVDs, recipes for food etc.

You can bring in all sorts of goods legally and duty-free, including: personal items, including a personal computer, one photo camera with 12 rolls of film, one film or video camera with five cassettes, sporting and fishing gear and one pet; up to 250 cigarettes or 50 cigars or up to 250 grams (about 1/2 pound) of tobacco, 1 liter (about a quart) of high-proof alcohol, 2 liters of wine, 5 liters of beer, 500 grams of coffee; 1,000 grams of chocolate.

If you need medicine, you should carry it in your hand luggage. They should be clearly labelled and if you have any prescription, then you should also bring it with you. Because luggage can always get lost, we also suggest carrying one change of clothes and basic cosmetics in your hand baggage. Retrieval of luggage from airports does not take usually more than 24 hrs.

Foreigners entering Poland needn't declare cash that doesn't exceed equivalent of 5000 Euro. The import of narcotics and drugs is strictly forbidden.

You cannot bring in any materials which threaten the natural environment, pornography or illegal drugs. Import of firearms requires a permit which can be obtained from the Polish Consulate.

Foreigners entering Poland needn't declare cash that doesn't exceed equivalent of 5000 Euro. If you are going to stay in Poland longer than your visa expiry date, you will need to apply for Temporary Residence Permission take it in consideration that you need to have at least 800 PLN (around €200) per every month of your stay. Otherwise please bring a letter from your sponsor (eg. family, government etc.) authorised by the lawyer that required amount will be regularly paid to your account.
For more details on customs duties contact the Customs Tariff Information Office in Warsaw, Tel: (4822) 694 3587.