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International Students Office ISO will help & guide you through the application process for EU and non-EU candidates.

ISO coordinates admission between candidates and appropriate faculties.


Warsaw University of Technology WUT is a technical research institution with traditions in education dating back to the nineteenth century. It is a forward-thinking institution where high-quality education meets world-class research and innovation.





You can study in English lanaguage or Polish language.
Studies will be conducted fully in the language you choose.

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  • Electrical Engineering
  • Automotive & Hybrid Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electronics & Information Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Enviromental Engineering
  • Management of Sustainable Enterprise
  • Global Production Engineering and Management
  • Applied Biotechnology



Warsaw University of Technology participates in educational programmes including Erasmus+, Mundus and short-term studies based on bilateral agreements with top universities around the World.


To adjust to various needs of our candidates and students, we give you an opportunity to learn the Polish language and improve English language skills. Both Courses end with a B2 certificate in either language.