Artificial Intelligence

M.Sc. Computer Science  

Specialisation: Artificial Intelligence 

Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science  

Duration: 1,5 (standard) or 2 years (extended - supplemented by one semester, dedicated for students who require additional preparation)  

Starts in: October & February

These Master’s programmes cover modern mathematics and tackle the latest trends in computer science. Studies involve a lot of individual work. Each student chooses a scientific advisor from among academic and research staff. The last semester is devoted mainly to M.Sc. thesis preparation, which is usually highly related to the ongoing faculty research. Graduates can use IT tools to write computer programs and develop and verify IT projects, including advanced statistical applications which require modelling and deepened comprehension of computer science notions. Graduates are well-prepared to work in companies with diverse business profiles that use advanced IT solutions, particularly in companies that develop software, IT consultancy companies, in the advanced technologies sector and the financial institutions sector.  

Students of Artificial Intelligence specialisation gain a deep theoretical and practical comprehension of artificial intelligence and computational intelligence methods, neural networks and knowledge representation.  


Examples of modules:  

• High-performance computing  

• Advanced algorithms  

• Software testing  

• Knowledge representation and reasoning  

• Neural networks  

• Programming in logic and symbolic programming
• Image and speech recognition  

• Calculus - advances  

• Data compression  


Graduate Profile:

Depending on the profile of the studies, graduates may find employment in companies with diverse business profiles, particularly creating software, IT consultancy companies, in the advanced technology sector or financial institutions. They can work as software designers and creators, managers of programming teams, statistical systems developers, business intelligence systems modellers and programmers, SAS advanced programmers and SAS platform administrators, information system administrators, computer network designers and administrators, specialists in data protection and information systems security or managers of projects related to the application of computational methods in various disciplines.  


Career opportunities: 

• IT companies and centres using and creating advanced IT solutions;  

• IT advisory services in companies of various profiles of operation;  

• self-employment within the scope of the studied subjects;  

• research and development centres.