Automotive Mechatronics

B.Sc. Automotive Mechatronics 

Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering 

Duration: 3.5 years 

Starts in: October

The program will help you to become an engineer meeting the challenges of designing, operating and servicing the most modern vehicles in the automotive and construction machinery market. It provides students with multidisciplinary knowledge and abilities to use modern tools of computer-aided processes of design, production, operation and recycling of machines. Practical classes and laboratories also provide knowledge in the field of environment protection related to the operation and mechatronic control of automobiles, tractors, special purpose vehicles, constructions machinery and equipment. A novel approach to the educational process provides graduates with all vital skills in the fields of vehicle mechanics, diagnostics and safety. 


Examples of modules: 

• Computer Manufacturing Technology 

• Mechatronics Systems Design Systems in Mechatronics 

• Mechatronic Sensor and Actuator Systems 

• Automation Systems 

• Vehicle Information Systems 

• Vehicle Recycling 

• Vehicle Mechatronics 

• Automation of Construction Machinery and Equipment 

• Basics of Electro-Mechanical Hybrid Power Trains 

• Smart Structures 

• Autonomous Vehicles 


After graduation, you can find employment in the fields of: 

• automotive industry, electronic 

or automation and robotics companies; 

• green and energy-efficient sectors of the economy (transport, energy); 

• designing, manufacturing, maintenance and supervision of machines and vehicles.