Mr Ibadullah Ijazullah

Mr Ibadullah Ijazullah

Country of origin: Afghanistan 

Faculty: Civil Engineering  

Level: M.Sc., 1st year 

Course: Civil Engineering 

Languages: Persian, Pashtu, Hindi, Russian, Urdu, Tajiki, and a bit of Spanish 


Why did I decide to study Civil Engineering?

I can say the answer is as simple as I loved constructing, building and designing cities as big as possible, as comfortable as possible and as unique and beautiful as possible, which seems to be beyond possibility but only till I do it.

Since I was young, I have been interested in mathematics and physics and especially in designing, so for a long time, I was wondering how to combine them. Civil Engineering was actually a great option. I enjoy the field, and meeting great and professional teachers, such as Ms Agnieszka Zimnicka (Badeńska), Mr Jerzy Durlej, PhD, or Mr Marcin Gajewski, PhD, made me love it even more and more.


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

I knew Ms Margareta, the general counsel of the Polish Embassy in Nur-sultan city, known as Astana, in Kazakhstan. Her attitude was fabulous and extraordinary and made me meet Polish culture and territory. Although my first impression related to border police at the airport was not good, once I entered Poland, I fell in love with its culture, people and their welcome, especially from the university side.

Besides, before selecting Poland, I have been to some other European countries, but I found Poland suited me best in terms of both finances and standard. The accommodation is not so expensive, the tuition fee for the bachelor program is worth what we receive during the education and the most important is the standard of the University, which is great compared to other universities in the world. Qualifications obtained at WUT are also recognised in European job markets. And the last but not least, the beauty of the cities and history of Poland has also a major role in making me interested in Poland. I think that no one will regret choosing Poland for studies.