Here you can learn how to process the refund of the tuition fee.

First of all, please acknowledge our Refund Policy.

IMPORTANT Only candidates can start a refund process. It is requested to do it personally, not via a third party person/company.
Money can be refunded only to the candidate's personal account. It is possible to refund the money to another account ONLY IF THE PAYMENT WAS MADE FROM THIS ACCOUNT. To do this, you will need to provide the full name of the account owner, his or her date of birth, nationality and home address. it is not possible to make refunds to private companies, schools, services, etc.

To start a refund process the candidate should do two things:

1) send by email to a set of three documents:

a) the letter consisting of: 

- an explanation of why are you asking for a refund (one short paragraph)
- your full name
- your permanent home address
- your hand signature
- bank details:
   - exact bank name
   - account number/IBAN
   - SWIFT code
   - the type of currency you want to get the refund in (USD/EUR/PLN)
   - the full name of the account owner
b) copy of passport - the personal information page (with a photo and signature)

c) copy of the confirmation of payment 

GENERAL NOTICE: Preferably, write the above-mentioned letter on a computer, then print it, hand sign it, and send a scan as an attachment. It will greatly help for clarity and avoidance of any misunderstandings.

d) supporting documentation

2) and fill an online form a scanned copy of the following documents:

Form link:

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