International Students can arrange accommodation on their own (for example they can rent a shared flat) or apply for accommodation in WUT dormitories. 



Warsaw University of Technology offers accommodation in 12 dormitories (11 in Warsaw and 1 in Płock). 

Rooms are not guaranteed, but usually, all international students who apply for accommodation in dormitories can get them.

The cost of dormitories varies from EUR 100 to EUR 150 per month. Most rooms are double or triple with a small kitchen. Showers and bathrooms are shared. Single rooms are usually reserved for PhD students. 

As soon as your status in the Online Application System changes to „Accepted”, you can also submit your application for accommodation in a dormitory.  Please choose the dormitory where you want to live. Please check if the status of your application is “Accepted”. 

Click: “Dormitory” ► Choose the dormitory where you want to live from the drop-down list and Click: “Save”.

The rooms will be allocated by the staff of the dormitories, not by the International Students Office. The International Students Office will only be in charge of issuing and uploading the Accommodation Certificate in the Online Application System.  

If you plan to come to Poland earlier than on the 20th of February and want to ask if you can be accommodated a few days earlier, what equipment and items are available in the room etc., please contact directly your dormitory:

Akademik  Akademicka 5, 02-038 Warszawa 
Babilon  Kopińska 12/16, 02-321 Warszawa 
Bratniak-Muszelka  Grójecka 39, 02-031 Warszawa 
Mikrus  Waryńskiego 10, 00-631 Warszawa 
Pineska-Tulipan  Uniwersytecka 5, 02-036 Warszawa 
Riviera  Waryńskiego 12, 00-631 Warszawa 
Tatrzańska  Tatrzańska 7A, 00-742 Warszawa 
Ustronie  Księcia Janusza 39, 01-452 Warszawa 
Żaczek  Wołoska 141A, 02-507 Warszawa 

PLEASE NOTE - especially if you are from Nigeria: The accommodation will be allocated from the 20th of February to the 30th of June (summer semester), and these dates will be specified on your Accommodation Certificate from WUT. Some Embassies, e.g. the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Nigeria (D-Type national visa - Poland in Nigeria - website (, require the accommodation certificate for the whole period of your visa validity. It means that if you apply for a student visa for 1 year, the Embassy may require the accommodation certificate for 1 year. If you do not have a proper Accommodation certificate, you may get a visa refusal.

Before applying for a visa, please check the requirements of the Embassy. If the Embassy in your country requires the Accommodation certificate for the whole period of your visa validity, you can consider applying for a student visa for the period from the 20th of February to the 30th of June and after arrival in Poland, you can submit an application for the temporary residence card to extend your legal stay in Poland.



Many students decide to arrange accommodation on their own. The cost of renting a room in a shared flat starts from around  EUR 200 per month. 

Here are a few examples of websites and groups on FB that can help you to look for a flat/room for rent or for flatmates, on your own: 

Please note these websites or platforms do not cooperate officially with WUT and we are not responsible for the services they provide. 



The best solution for someone who is looking for accommodation for a few days, a week or maybe two are private hostels. Being located in the city centre, WUT is surrounded by many hostels that welcome international guests and students.