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Candidates whose application status in the Online Application System is ACCEPTED will be able to apply for dormitory*.

1. --> Go to Online Accommodation System

2. --> Create an account (Scroll a little bit down the page and to the right to find instructions in English titled "How to create an account? - guide" and follow them carefully)

3. --> Log into the System again and apply for the dormitory (Instructions on how to make an application will be available on the main page of the Online Accommodation System. Before you begin, please select the proper "Accommodation Process" in the right-top of the page: "New International Students")


Please note that to complete your application for the dormitory you will need to upload your Visa Letter (Final Acceptance Letter) in the Online Accommodation System.

Rooms will be assigned by max. //the date will be announced//. Information about the allocation of the room will appear in your account in the Online Accommodation System. 

All other important information will also be sent to you via the Online Accommodation System during the process.

The payment of a deposit (in the amount of one-month dormitory fee) will be requested by max. //the date will be announced// to secure your place in the assigned room.

Rooms will be available to move in from //the date will be announced//. The deadline to move into the dormitory is //the date will be announced//

 *Please mind that there is a limited number of places and rooms are not guaranteed. It varies every year depending on the number of accepted candidates.


Any troubles with your on-line application for the dormitory?

- if you already have an account in the Online Accommodation System --> write a message by "CONTACT" tab

- if you do not have the account yet --> this is the email to contact:

Head of the Accommodation Commission of SSPW:

SSPW office is located in the Main Building:


The Bank of Places will be redistributing available free places. Their office, located in Dormitory Akademik, is open Mon-Fri between 8.oo - 15:oo.  

Bank of Places is an office gathering information about all available rooms in our University's dormitories. It operates during the academic year when Students Union ends its job distributing places during summer or winter holidays.

Every academic year, when the accommodation process is ended, students can use Bank of Places to eg. change their places. All requests must get an opinion of the Accommodation Commissionaire.

Throughout the year, Bank of Places serves as a reception office for tourists - those who are not students of Warsaw University of Technology but would like to live in a dormitory (eg. a family visiting you).




Primary: +48 (22) 234 4416

Mrs. Alicja Szczepańska

Click here to learn how to get to Bank of Places.