Registration is one of the first things newly accepted students should do after safely arriving in Warsaw. It starts conveniently in our International Students Office and ends at your Faculty's main office, where you pick up the student ID card (the only document which allows you to enjoy full rights of the student in the EU). 


Please find here your:


Registration of new students/alumni requires visiting two offices:  

  1. International Students Office - where we will create your file. 
  2. Faculty's central office (Deanery/Dziekanat) - where you will register for studies. When you come to ISO, we will give you a map and instructions on how to get there. 


February 2022 registration deadlines:
(Updated on Feb 22, 12.30 hrs - no further updates are expected)

Faculty of Registration Deadline
Electronics and Information Technology Mar 8
Mathematics and Information Science Mar 8
Chemistry Mar 8 *
Material Science and Engineering Mar 8
Physics Mar 8
Power and Aeronautical Engineering Mar 8
Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering Mar 8 *
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Mar 8

* - extensions may be given on an individual basis.

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to register and start studies after the official deadline declared in the table above. If you cannot make it now, please consider re-application for studies starting in October 2022 - the admission period begins in approx. 1,5 months (midst of April).


► Submit a set of Documents at the ISO office:

  • 1 photo
  • originals and one photocopy of the following documents previously uploaded in the Online Application System:
  • High School Certificate (for B.Sc. students) // Bachelor diploma (for M.Sc. students)
  • if the certificate/diploma from the point above is not originally in English, then: official translation to English or Polish
  • Legalization // Apostille on: High School Certificate (B.Sc. students) // Bachelor diploma (M.Sc. students)
  • Eligibility Statement
  • English Language International B2 Certificate (or Medium of Instruction letter)
  • passport (please make a copy only of the main page(s) - those with personal information and photo)
  • finally: document entitling you to stay in Poland (eg. visa, residence card, stamp from Urząd Mazowiecki)

We will give you three documents to sign:

  • Personal Information Form 
  • Declaration of Address in Poland
  • Administrative Decision on Admission
  • also a welcome pack :)

A few days after registering in our office, you will get the personal student ID card from your Faculty's central office (Deanery/Dziekanat).  

NOTE: After you visit the International Students Office and submit copies of the required documentation, our staff will deliver your file to the Registration Office. There, your official student file will be created and your ID prepared. The whole process may take a few days



Registration process explained