Mr Ahmed Ahmed

Mr Ahmed Ahmed

E-mail address: 

Country of origin: Egyptian citizen-based and raised in the Emirates (U.A.E) 

Faculty: Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering 

Level: B.Sc., 4th year 

Course: Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering 

Languages: Arabic as mother language, English fluent 

Additional information: Car enthusiast, interested in travelling, Knowledge Management – Process Coordinator for Automotive Industry.


Why did I decide to study Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Engineering?

I chose Automotive and Machinery Engineering, the field of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, because I grew up with an addiction to cars, automotive designing and modifying cars. I chose the field I feel I will be good at and love working in.


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

I chose Poland because it has a strategic location as it is located in the centre of Europe, so I can travel around Europe easily. Also, top universities are located here, as WUT is ranked 500 according to the QS World University Ranking. Poland, especially Warsaw, is a student-friendly place.

• Car enthusiast, interested in travelling. 

• Knowledge Management – Process Coordinator for Automotive Industry.