Mr Armel Ineza

Mr Armel Ineza

E-mail address:  

Country of origin: Rwanda 

Faculty: Transport 

Level: M.Sc., 2nd year 

Course: Transport, spec. Transport Systems Engineering and Management  

Languages: English (very good), French (very good), Kinyarwanda (very good), Kirundi (very good), Swahili (fair). 

Additional information: Interested in learning new things, Personal development of any kind, Engineering, Energy, Economy, Environment. 


Why did I decide to study Transport?

I chose to study Transportation Engineering for one and the only reason that I saw a need and I went to study to fill that need. Coming from a fast-developing country with high ambitions, I realized that many sectors were growing up very fast, but some sectors were not booming as they should with many situations to deal with. With my Civil Engineer bachelor and short working experience, I said to myself that I needed to contribute and that the time was now, no need to wait.


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

My country is developing, but we still need knowledge from the best universities to help it grow and reach its respective objectives. Education in Poland is one of the best for a student seeking knowledge, self-improvement in any domain. It is also affordable for many students. Warsaw University of Technology is ranked as the first technical university in the country, so it was a no brainer for me to come to pursue my education in this institution.