Mr Anirban Das

Mr Anirban Das

Country of origin: India

Faculty: Power and Aeronautical Engineering

Level: B.Sc., 3rd year

Course: Aerospace Engineering
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali (mother tongue)


Why did I decide to study Aerospace Engineering?

We are all fascinated by the huge machines flying above us, aren’t we? We all love gazing at these beautiful creations of science taking off, soaring through the deep blue skies and landing in the distant lands of infinity. I am studying this beautifully tough subject to help the pilots fly. It’s astonishing to see so many subjects, so many departments, so many faculties, so many people from different backgrounds come together to make one airplane. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics, Chemistry, Metallurgy – the list keeps on adding. I enjoy my studies, seeing, experimenting, analysing the situations, learning interesting new subjects. I love drawing, I love creating. We have subjects like Aircraft design, Mechanics of Flight, etc. Do you want to create planes from Star Wars? Roger that. These beautiful machines, feels good to see, feels good to touch, feels good to sit and think “How does it fly? So much of weight, so much of cargo, so many people”. “How does the VTOL F-35, Harrier work? Fighter Jets landing without a runway!!” It’s astonishing to see V-22 changing from a helicopter to plane like a real life Transformer. I want to know that, I want to create that, I want to see that beast flying. Someday : )


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

Coming to the question of choosing Poland as my place for studying, I had no idea of Poland like many of you. I was just trying to get into an Aerospace Engineering course in my country, India. But Indian Aerospace Engineering faculties are heavily based in the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), for which 500,000+ of students sit the entrance exam and around 10000s get the cut for various IITs, out of which the top tier gets into Aerospace Engineering faculty. Me! I am not so lucky or talented to make through the process into IIT. Disheartened, I passed my days thinking about the future, until the day I heard from a friend that I can go abroad to study (to be honest, it literally did not come to my mind). I was searching through top Aerospace Engineering universities from various countries, but the expenditure was sky rocketing. Ultimately, I gave up my dream until I came across a hashtag in Instagram and found our beautiful main building. I checked the profile of Politechnika Warszawska, I checked the website, found the course, checked the living cost, checked the ranking and set sail for this journey to the prestigious Warsaw University of Technology. Here I am, doing good, happier than ever, pursuing my passion – Aerospace Engineering, photography, videography, travelling and many different things. Now, I’m excited to see you all here.