Mr Mohamed Elsayed

Mr Mohamed Elsayed

E-mail address:

Nationality: Egyptian

Home country: Saudi Arabia

Faculty: Electrical Engineering

Level: Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Course: Electrical Engineering

Languages: English C1, Arabic (3 dialects native) 

Additional information: I have taken part in assisting (WRS Elektryczny) with the German-Polish (Aachen Technical University) Exchange program. I have also become a friend of WRS Elektryczny, which resulted in taking/handling some concerts and activities that are done for our students and colleagues.


Why did I decide to study Electrical Engineering?

In all honesty, I acknowledge that just like most people, I have grown up being surrounded by the widely expanded norms of technology, evolving globalization, which in turn has influenced my interests in electronics. I wanted to understand the role of electricity in impacting a movement of an object, and it has inspired me to study a degree aligned with my interests to apply my knowledge to initiate new innovative ideas in this globalized world.


ADVICE: Universities are tools to help you achieve your life goals, hence an "investment in knowledge always pays the best interests" (Benjamin Franklin).


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

Poland has stroked me as a fast-growing nation with the rapid growth of the economy, which in turn has moulded my interest towards building my career in a country with a vast number of opportunities, that’s why I decided to learn and grow as an individual in one of the prestigious universities in the country. Also, we cannot forget about the attracting landscapes and captivating history that have helped maximize my knowledge in understanding the cultural roots of the nation.