Mr Rajat Dogra

E-mail address:

Country of origin: India

Faculty: Electrical Engineering 

Level: graduate, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Course: Electrical Engineering

Languages: English, Hindi, Spanish (elementary)


Why did I choose Electrical Engineering?

Electrical machines and systems had always been of great interest to me during my growing years. I was always curious and keen to learn how machines worked. The activity of dismantling my electric toys and reassembling them was my favorite pastime. As I grew up, I knew I was destined to become an electrical engineer. In due course, I also developed a lot of interest in environmental issues, and I always tried to understand how responsible scientific innovations could help the environment and save the world from the perils of pollution and climate change.  My interest in electrical systems and electronics blossomed during my high school years when I chose the science stream as my area of study with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and Economics being my elective subjects. During my high school studies, I further realized that Electrical Engineering was the field of study, which would give me the opportunity to learn and explore how the fundamentals of science, especially physics, were applied to create functional machines which transformed human lives. While studying machines and automobiles, one of the fundamental questions which crossed my mind repeatedly was how to save the environment and reduce pollution.


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

I can say with surety that I am glad to have made this choice. International relations WUT has with other universities, its organizational and educational setup, and proximity of Poland to every end of Europe are a few factors that have made my time at Warsaw University of Technology truly fruitful.