Mr Raymond Einyu

Country of origin: Uganda

Faculty: Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering

Level: B.Sc., 3rd year

Course: Environmental Engineering (spec. Environment Protection Engineering)

Languages: English, Swahili


Why did I choose to study Environmental Engineering?  

These studies will help me in overcoming natural disasters: awareness of the adverse effects of human activity on the environment has increased significantly over the last few years. They will also help me to understand the negative social, economic, and environmental impacts of human activity and learn about how to counter them with technological developments. 

It’s a versatile field: environmental engineering focuses on analyzing and monitoring safety regulations of construction projects. In other words, the training cuts across from civil engineering to any engineering aspect, and as such, it’s the most valuable course in my view. Also, one combines both subjects, becomes an environmental civil engineer, and ensures that buildings are built safely and in a way that keeps their impact on the environment at a minimum. My previous studies in electronics will also serve as a plus, giving me a combination I need for both current and future global-related issues. 


Why did I decide to study in Poland? 

Poland is an incredible country with a diverse history. Studying in Poland will give you
training which is high-quality, recognizable all around the world, and at low cost! Not only will you enjoy a high quality of teaching, especially from the technical perspective, but also you will have a chance to pursue your future career in top-notch global organizations. More impressively, most of the programmes are offered in both the Polish and English languages. On top of that, there are hundreds of languages that are taught besides the mentioned ones.  

A lot of Polish cities have a vast cultural heritage and are beautiful, like the coastal Gdańsk, so there’s something for everyone in each Polish city.