Ms Anudari Gunbold

Country of origin: Mongolia

Faculty: Chemical and Process Engineering

Level: B.Sc., 3rd year

Course: Chemical and Process Engineering

Languages: Polish, English, Russian, Mongolian



Why did I decide to study Chemical and Process Engineering?

I have always been interested in life sciences, like medicine, chemistry, and biology. In high school, I thought the best major for me would be to become a doctor since the knowledge of life sciences that I am interested in would be in great use for the greatest good – healing and saving people’s lives.

But then, when I started studying medicine, something was not right for me. It was great and challenging, but I knew I wanted something different. The goal I wanted to achieve was healing people for sure, but I wanted something not traditional, I wanted the freedom to be creative and some feeling of power that I can change some things on big scales, in the level of systems I believe. I wanted to really know how the world and things work, the connection between them, and how they impact each other. Then, I started to look for and research other majors and found out about Chemical Engineering. This field is fairly new compared to others and I was surprised what it does. Actually, in our country, this field is not developed. The majority of people do not even know what it is about and what chemical engineers do. I did not even know that much too. But I took the risk and changed what could possibly be my success to something new. New major, new place, new life. At first, I was scared, but now I am in my third year to be a chemical engineer. I am still a little bit scared, and it is really hard to study this major in a foreign language. But I know I am happy because with every new challenging experience, I feel that change in me is building and I’m becoming someone that I wanted to be. I am starting to have a little grasp of how this vast world works. I like the saying many of my professors start their lecture with –“everything is a process…’’. Indeed it is.


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

I had a chance of a scholarship to study in Poland. At first, I thought Poland would be a nice choice for studying abroad because it is in the center of Europe, it offers high-quality education and the cost of living there is low compared to other countries. Also, learning a new language and seeing new places were plusses for me. But now, after living here for over four years as a student, I completely fell in love with Poland. I have traveled and seen many European countries while I was studying, but Poland has that uniqueness of cultural mix of all things. Every city has its own spirit and attributes, sometimes I feel like I am in a totally different country when visiting other cities. Furthermore, I really like that now Poland is rapidly growing economically. I enjoy its flourishment right in front of my eyes and I experience the change and growth in myself too. For example, new metro stations in Warsaw and new train stations in Łódź were built in the last couple of years only. The busy, constantly growing society takes me with it to a new level of motivation and aspiration. Lifestyle, fashion, and culture – I have learned a lot from living here and still there is more to learn. I have been lucky that I have always met nice and kind people who always tried to help me here. In Poland, I have made good friends and memories and I hope for more experiences and adventures in the future. I am grateful for spending the precious years of my youth in Poland and excited at what is waiting for me after graduating.