Ms Ayetijhya Desmukhya

E-mail address:

Country of origin: India

Faculty: Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI)

Level: B.Sc., 2nd year

Course: Computer Science and Information Systems

Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali


Why did I decide to study Computer Science?

I am a tech enthusiastic person and my sincere urge to study Computer Science to its depth has always been one of the leading interests in my life. It has always intrigued me that with a little change in a code we can attain massive changes in a particular problem. I used to try out

permutation and combination of a pre-written code and analyzed its outcome. From the outcomes, I could relate and bring out the shortest possible code for a particular problem. It was no sooner that I realized that problem solving had become a hobby rather than a habit. Gradually, this passion of mine made me determined about making a career in Computer Science and led me to pursue Bachelor studies in Computer Science and Information Systems.

Developing a passion for coding from a young age, teachers in my school found it ideal for me to participate in various coding and computer programming competitions. Now, I have improved a lot with the valuable guidance of exceptional teachers from the Warsaw University of Technology.


Why studies in Poland?

When I was looking for studies, the Bachelor’s degree studies in Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology emerged for various reasons. First of all, I chose Poland because of the availability of high-quality education within affordable tuition fees and living costs, which enables us to receive a quality education in a burgeoning academic

environment. Located in the center of Europe, Poland is also a place of culture and heritage. Again, the safety index of Poland is 68.03 which is pretty high relative to other countries of the

world. Therefore, giving me the assurance of safety and reliability of a secure living as an

international student. Lastly, Warsaw being the capital city makes it a major international student destination forming a multi-cultural society, thus giving us a wider range of exposure. An alpha global city like Warsaw is not only technologically advanced but also culturally enriched.