Ms Syifa Najla Agdhiani

Ms Syifa Najla Agdhiani

WUT email address:

Country of origin: Indonesia

Faculty: Chemistry

Level: Master (MSc), 2nd semester

Languages: Indonesian (Bahasa), English


Additional information: I love playing badminton and usually during the weekend in my free time, I join the badminton sport with Indonesians. I also love travelling because I enjoy learning about different cultures, and travelling can refresh my mind. Besides, pursuing a degree in Poland is my best decision, and I am grateful for this experience. Becoming a student ambassador is also my intention to help you adapt to university life by giving you the insight to overcome the challenges in a new environment. Therefore, do not hesitate to send me an email with your questions. I hope your study at WUT works smoothly, and I keep my fingers crossed for you!  


Why did I choose to study Applied Biotechnology?

Since my childhood, I have had more attention to science, and I have dreamed of becoming a scientist one day. I have gone deeper into science subjects, and my interest is in biology combined with technology; that's why I chose the Applied Biotechnology program. Another reason is that biotechnology is constantly developing technology to find innovations that could improve the quality of life.  

Warsaw University of Technology is the only Polish university offering this program in English. The courses are related to the application of biotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry. 


Why did I decide to study in Poland?

I was doing my BSc thesis in my home country, and most of the research papers I found had been done by Polish scientists. Later, I did exploration about studying in Poland. One thing that captivated my mind was that Poland had great universities and studies available in English. Moreover, the living costs are acceptable for students because there are student discounts for public transport and some restaurants near the university. Poland also has a diverse culture making it a welcoming and warm country for international students.