Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Engineering

B.Sc. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Engineering 

Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering 

Duration: 3.5 years 

Starts in: October 

This field of study is dedicated to those who want to become engineers and meet the challenges of modern designing, operating and servicing of state-of-the-art recently emerged electro-mechanical vehicles, which have been dominating the ecologically conscious automotive market.

The programme provides students with multidisciplinary knowledge in complex technical far-transportation structures with systems of energy recuperation and accumulation. Analysis of fundamental physical and chemical processes, selection of nonconventional materials and control methods are taught in classes and laboratories. A novel approach to the realisation of the educational offer gives the graduate vital skills in the engineering of ecologically friendly electric and multi-source hybrid automobiles, including special and autonomic vehicles. 


Examples of modules: 

• Mechatronics Systems Design 

• Computer Systems in Mechatronics 

• Mechatronic Sensor and Actuator Systems 

• Construction of Autonomous Vehicles 

• Automation Systems 

• Ionics and Photovoltaics 

• Ultralight Vehicle Bodies 

• Vehicle Structures and Crashworthiness 

• Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles 

• Vehicle Information Systems 

• Energy Harvesting in Vehicles 

• Diagnosis of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 

• Advanced Control of Electric and Hybrid Drives 

• Vehicle Recycling 


The graduate is able to: 

• build and analyse mathematical models of power train components, combine them in a computational model of a drive structure and conduct simulation studies to determine the parameters of electric or hybrid powertrains; 

• design, test and troubleshoot simple multi-source energy-accumulating systems, intended for a variety of applications with the use of appropriate design and IT tools. 

Career opportunities: 

• The automotive industry, especially in the area of electric and hybrid drives. 

• The Industry of working, road and handling machines in the above area. 

• Other sectors of the economy (transport, energy) – green and energy-efficient technologies. 

• Work related to designing, and manufacturing.