Admission to B.Sc. studies in Architecture

Instructions on how to apply to B.Sc. studies in Architecture.

Application for B.Sc. in Architecture (course starting in October 2021) will be opened between 5th and 24th May.


To assure that your studies will be fully delivered, depending on the situation with COVID-19, the Faculty of Architecture may temporarily switch studies from stationary to online mode, until the pandemic is over.


STEP 1: Create an online application with Entry Documents

The application process is run online-only, via Online Application System at

Create your application by filling in your personal data. Make sure you put your name and surname in exactly the same form as it appears in your passport!

NOTICE: You can only have one application in the currently active application and admission session.

One application allows you to apply to three courses consequently (if you are unlucky with the first choice, your file will be sent to the next choice, if necessary, also to the third one).

IMPORTANT: When registering, you can select three courses to apply for. Remember that B.Sc. Architecture should be selected only as your program of 1st choice (not 2nd or 3rd). You should select other programs too for your 2nd and 3rd choice (as a backup in case not being accepted for B.Sc. Architecture).
APPLICATION FEE NOTICE: You need to have a scan of the proof of payment of the application fee to open a new application. At this moment online payments are not available. Sorry for the inconvenience

Upload scans of Entry Documents (done during the registration process):

  1. High School Leaving Certificate - in the original language and, if necessary, translated to English or Polish. Check High School Certificate requirements here.
  2. Transcript of records - your results/grades, necessary to make the decision. Check the details on the transcript requirements here.
  3. Passport - the page(s) with your personal information, your photo, and your signature.
  4. Proof of payment of 150 PLN application feeCheck here how to make the application fee payment.
  5. One picture/photograph - the passport format photo

After you create an account, you can log in and add more documents. When registering, you can only upload the abovementioned files.

It takes around one week to get your documents verified and sent to the Faculty for the conditional decision. If anything is missing you will be informed about it by a message in the system. 


STEP 2: Complete the Placement Tests online

After your Entry Documents are verified, you will receive a link to special tests, which are also run online, via the application system. Online Placements Tests in Mathematics and English enable the Faculty to assign you to an appropriate study path - a regular study program or the Foundation Year course. 

IMPORTANT: From the moment you receive the links in the online application, you have 2 weeks (14 days) to access the platform and complete the Placement Tests. You will have 90 minutes for each test to complete it.


STEP 3: Complete the Architecture Examination Task / 1st Phase:

After your Entry Documents are verified, you will receive an individual Architecture Examination Task by email.

31st May 2021 – Candidates will receive an Examination Task on their individual mail account established during the registration process

5th June 2021– Candidates shall send independently solved Examination Task received on 31st May 2021 through their individual accounts  

During the 1st Phase, a Candidate can receive up to 60 points for the presented Examination Task solution

On 15th June 2021:

Each of the Candidates will receive the following information and data in the application system:

- number of points received after 1st Phase
- information on the acceptance or non-acceptance to the 2nd Phase 

More information can be found on the Faculty's website:


STEP 4: Complete an Interview / 2nd Phase

If successfully completed the Architecture Examination Task (fulfilled the minimum requirements for the task), you will be invited to a Skype interview.

21st – 28th of June 2021 – individual qualification meetings will be conducted with the Candidates, either personally or on-line 

Each Candidate can receive up to 40 points during the 2nd Phase.

A maximum number of points which can be received during the 1st and 2nd Phase does not exceed 100.

More information can be found on the Faculty's website:


STEP 5: Wait for the decision of the Faculty

If the decision is positive, the Faculty will attach the preliminary Conditional Acceptance Letter or acceptance to the Foundation Year (then, the Architecture course will start in October 2021). If the preliminary decision is negative, you will receive a scan of the Rejection Letter and your application will be sent to the program of your next priority.

STEP 6: Depending on the decision...

If you have been accepted and recommended for the Foundation Year:

STEP 6A: Enroll for Foundation Year


If you received the Conditional Acceptance Letter to fulltime studies.

STEP 6B: Submit Admission Documents

Check more information about Foundation Year here.

To enrol for Foundation Year you have to contact the Foundation Year office at and submit there:

  1. Proof of English Proficiency - proof that your education was done in the English language or one of the accepted English Language international certificates Check details of English certificate requirements here
  2. Tuition Fee for Foundation YearCheck information about Tuition Fee for Foundation Year here.

After completing the Foundation Year, you will be able to continue with the admission process - submission of Admission Documents →



To complete your admission to studies after receiving Conditional Acceptance, upload Admission Documents:

  1. Legalization/apostille of High School Leaving CertificateCheck details of Legalization/Apostille requirements here.
  2. Eligibility Statement - proof you can continue on the Bachelor (B.Sc.) level. Check details of the Eligibility Statement requirements here.
  3. Proof of English Proficiency - proof that your education was done in the English language or one of the accepted English Language international certificates Check details of English certificate requirements here.
  4. Tuition Fee Payment - proof of payment of tuition fee for the 1st semester of studies. Due to visa regulations in some countries, you can also pay for the 2nd semester in advance (whole year). Check here how to make payment of Tuition Fees.

It takes around one week to get your documents verified.  If anything is missing you will be informed about it via the Online Application System. When documents are correct, you will receive a scan of the Visa Letter in the Online Application System.

NOTE: Visa procedures are the responsibility of candidates. More information on the deadlines can be found here.

After completing Foundation Year with a final exam the following year, you will have to complete submission of Admission Documents and you will be able to move on to the 1st year of your full-time B.Sc. studies.   Deadline for uploading Admission DocumentsTBC



STEP 5: Arrival & registration

Before the classes start, you will be asked to register personally at the ISO office and at the Faculty. Check more information about Registration here.


Along with the main High school certificate, you need to present a transcript of records. We usually require at least around 70% of GPA and very good grades in Math and Science subjects. You can apply with a lower GPA, but your chances of admission may be lower.

Remember that during the application your documents will be verified by ISO and if anything is missing you will be informed about it and you will have a chance to submit what is missing within a few days. However, it is your responsibility to upload proper documents that entitle you to enter university education in the given educational system and that fulfil WUT's requirements. If documents are not correct, your application will not be valid and application fee not refunded.

Remember also, that all accepted B.Sc. candidates will need to submit also Eligibility Statement from their school or ministry.

Admission to B.Sc. studies in Architecture
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