Electrical Engineering

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering  

Faculty of Electrical Engineering  

Duration: 4 years  

Starts in: October

The area of study encompasses electrical materials technology, electrical measurements, circuits and systems, electromagnetic field, electrical machines, electrical power engineering, converter drives control, high voltage technology, and IT. The program embraces a great variety of subjects. Two specialisations are currently offered: Control and Computer Engineering and Electrical Power Engineering. 


Examples of modules:  

• CAD Methods  

• Computer Science  

• Circuits and Systems  

• Mechanical Engineering  

• Mathematics  

• Electrical Measurements Instrumentation and Signal Transmission  

• Electronics  

• Numerical Methods  

• Electrical Machines • Introduction to Electrical Power Engineering  

• Microprocessor Engineering  

• High voltage technology  

• Converter Drives Control  

• Electrical Machines in the power engineering and automatisation  

• Electric Tractioneering