Photonics Engineering

B.Sc. Mechatronics  

Faculty of Mechatronics  

Duration: 3,5 years  

Specialisation: Photonics Engineering

The profile of the first cycle of full-time studies within Photonics Engineering was developed to provide an educational offer in the area of Opto mechatronics, especially in: the building of optical and optoelectronic equipment and its applications in optonumerical methods of inspection, e.g. holographic cameras, spectrometers, multimedia devices and multifunctional interferometers for different scale objects testing (from microelements of MEMS/MOEMS type up to large engineering structures). Students are equipped with knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering and the basis for designing, manufacturing, testing, and operating Opto mechatronic systems and devices. The graduates are prepared for work in the industry and SMEs and ready to tackle engineering problems. They can also support services based on Opto mechatronics equipment used in the fields such as multimedia, medicine, lighting, metrology, and others.  


Examples of modules:  

• Material Engineering and Computer Techniques  

• Engineering Graphics  

• Fundamentals of Electronics and Elec- to techniques  

• Strength of Material  

• Design of Fine Mechanism (CAD) and Optomechatronics  

• Basics of Photonics  

• Instrumental Optics  

• Optoelectronics Technology and Image Processing  

• Laser Techniques  

• Machine Vision  

• Fiber Optics Technology (Telecommunications and Sensors  

• Photonics Devices and Systems  

• Lighting Technology