B.Sc. Telecommunications  

Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology  

Duration: 4 years  

Starts in: October 

The field of study encompasses information technology, control, robotics, electronics, and telecommunications. The program covers a great variety of subjects from diverse technology fields. The first two years are common for Telecommunications and Computer Science students and constitute the area of Information and Communications Technology. Graduates of the Telecommunications specialisation are prepared for jobs related to the design of digital telecommunication circuits, digital processing of telecommunication signals (coding and compression of speech and image signals, digital modulations, redundant coding), design and operation of telecommunication (transmission, commutation and data-communication) systems, as well as the design of telecommunications (telephone, data-communication, and integrated networks). Students acquire the ability to solve system problems that require comprehensive knowledge in telecommunications and computer science, combined with considerable nonengineering knowledge.  


Examples of modules:  

• Algorithms & Programming  

• Circuits & Systems  

• Computer Systems  

• Telecommunications  

• Signal Processing & Coding in Telecommunications  

• Wireless Systems and Networks  

• Access and Backbone Systems and Networks  

• Cryptography and Information Security  

• Switching and Routing  

• Communication Protocols  

• Satellite Communication Systems