Mechatronic Devices and Systems

B.Sc. Mechatronics

Faculty of Mechatronics

Duration: 3,5 years

Specialisation: Mechatronic Devices and Systems

The Mechatronic Devices and Systems specialization aims to prepare students to design mechatronic devices and solve complex, interdisciplinary design and construction problems. They acquire the necessary practical knowledge about the methods and tools of computer design, microprocessor control, drives, and actuators as well as automation of processes related to industrial manufacturing techniques and device sensors, including optical devices and Opto-mechatronic systems. Graduates know the data acquisition and processing methods in digital control and diagnostic systems. Graduates are prepared to design and operate mechatronic devices, including drive systems for precise positioning, devices for measuring various physical and geometric quantities of utility machines, as well as mechanization, automatization, and robotisation of technological processes. They can work in the mechatronic systems manufacturing industry - electromechanical, automotive, household appliances, aviation, machine tools; industry and other facilities that operate and service mechatronic systems as well as machines and devices in which they are used. Graduates are prepared to undertake second-cycle studies.  


Examples of modules:  

• Matlab programming  

• 3D CAD applications  

• Mechatronic Drives  

• Theory of Machines and Mechanism  

• Microcontrollers  

• Sensors and Measuring devices  

• Design of electronic modules  

• Multimedia devices  

• Design of Electronic Modules  

• MEMS  

• Electric Metrology