M.Sc. Biotechnology  

Specialisation: Applied Biotechnology 

Faculty of Chemistry  

Duration: 1,5 years  

Starts in: February

Programme link:

The programme contains a wide range of specialist subjects (modelling of bioprocesses, regulation of biotechnological processes, separation processes in biotechnology, laboratory of technological and biotechnological processes, biotechnology of natural resources, etc.), which, together with bioanalytical and selective subjects (bioanalytics, sensors and biosensors, microbioanalytics) constitute a comprehensive offer for all graduates interested in the field of biotechnology.  


Examples of modules:  

• Bioinformatics  

• Environmental Biotechnology  

• Data Treatment in Chemical Analysis for Biotechnology  

• Bioreactors  

• Clean Technologies  

• Biomaterials  

• Implantable Medical Devices  

• Microbioanalytics  

• Separation Processes in Biotechnology  

• Sensors and Biosensors  


Graduate profile: 

The Applied Biotechnology programme is focused on the education of specialists prepared for employment in many biotechnological branches of industry (e.g. pharmaceutical, food or composting industry). Our graduates can expect to be competent to carry out scientific research in biotechnology laboratories and work at planning or consulting companies.  

• Small, medium and large enterprises of the biotechnology industry and related industries.  

• Units of research facilities in the biotechnology industry and related industries.  

• Research, testing and diagnostic laboratories.  

• Design and business units, including companies trading in biotechnology equipment.  

• Institutions providing consulting services and disseminating knowledge in chemistry and biotechnology. 


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