Transport Systems Engineering & Management

M.Sc. Transport (specialisation: Transport Systems Engineering and Management)  

Faculty of Transport  

Duration: 1,5 years  

Starts in: October 

Students of the Transport Systems Engineering and Management specialisation acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in the areas of road, railway and municipal transport systems, control and management, optimisation and planning of transport systems, transport measurements and forecasting, as well as the design of multimodal transport hubs, traffic modelling and planning systems with the use of modern IT tools. In addition, students gain knowledge and skills in the field of automated vehicles and other solutions of transport automation and learn about the role of the human factor in intelligent transport systems. Other topics include environmental impact and environmental protection, rules of shaping transport law and policies and management of the investment process in transport, including financing investment solutions.  


Examples of modules: 

• Planning of Transport Systems  

• Modelling of Transport Processes  

• Applied Mechanics  

• Theory of Reliability and Safety  

• Measurement Systems  

• Urban and Regional Transport Management  

• Designing Multimodal Transport Nodes  

• Systems, Vehicles and Infrastructure of Automated Transport  

• Human Factor in Intelligent Transportation Systems  

• Managing Investment Process in Transport  

• Legal Regulations in Transport Policy  


Career opportunities:  

Graduates may use their knowledge and skills by finding employment in:  

• Companies and local government units which deal with planning transport development and completion of the investment process in transport 

• Companies that offer consulting services  

• Study and design offices  

• Research centres.