M.Sc. Robotics  

Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering  

Duration: 2 years  

Starts in: October 

Students gain both knowledge and abilities necessary for creative work in design, construction, programming and analysis of automation and control systems and can operate industrial and service robot systems. They can solve complex, interdisciplinary problems related to control and design. Graduates possess enough knowledge to conduct research in RTD centres or pursue doctoral studies. They can also be employed as senior management staff in mechanical, electrotechnical, chemical and related industrial sectors. They can design and analyse complex robotics systems using advanced design and analytical tools.  


Examples of modules:  

• Signal processing  

• Neural networks  

• Mechanical design methods in robotics  

• Robot programming methods  

• Mobile robots  

• Artificial intelligence  

• Optimisation techniques  

• Embedded systems  

• Bio-robotics  

• Advanced mechanical design  

• Dynamics of multi-body systems

• Biomechanics  


The graduate can:  

• Design and build manipulators and robots for various purposes with the use of modern engineering tools  

• Solve tasks of analysis and synthesis of robot control systems, including drives  

• Make professional use of achievements in industrial and non-industrial robotics (including medical and rehabilitation robotics) and micro-robotics  

• Make use of computer hardware in design and automatic control systems, computer and controller programming and combine them with various measuring instruments and actuating devices. 

Career opportunities:  

• Companies using automation and robotics equipment for various applications, including medical applications  

• Development and consulting centres for the design and analysis of mechanical and mechatronic systems  

• Companies involved in the design and manufacture of biologically inspired structures in a variety of areas, including medicine and labour protection  

• Scientific research centres dealing with the dynamics of mechanical systems