NEW: Chemical and Process Engineering

Specialization: Green Technologies in Chemical Engineering

Video about the programme: M.Sc. program: Green Technologies in Chemical Engineering - YouTube

Study goals (graduate profile) – Upon completion of the Green Technologies in Chemical Engineering (GTCE) program, the graduates possess fundamental and practical knowledge of the development, design and operation of modern chemical processes with a particular focus on sustainability. They have proficiency in implementing chemical and physical processing of raw materials into valuable forms of advanced market products while minimizing the environmental burden. In particular, the graduates:

  • have detailed knowledge of modern chemical equipment and processes and can describe and mathematically model the course of such processes;
  • know the principles of designing industrial equipment and process plants, taking into account the mathematical analysis methods of process economy;
  • know the basic methods of industrial process digitalization, can use computer-aided design methods (CAD/CFD) as well as plan and conduct research and development work using digitalized control and measurement systems;
  • know the novel technologies of process intensification and the principles of sustainable development in the industry, with a particular focus on renewable feedstocks and renewable energy-based processing (green fuels, electrification);
  • can independently conduct and manage complex projects in the process industry. The acquired education allows the graduates to start independent work in creating, modernizing, optimizing and implementing new processes in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic sectors. It also allows them to develop a managerial career or pursue a scientific development path by joining a PhD program.

The program will start in February of 2024.