M.Sc. Biomaterials  

Faculty of Materials Engineering  

Duration: 1,5 years  

Starts in: February 

In this interdisciplinary course, students will gain knowledge and skills in advanced material science with a particular focus on materials for medical applications. The main aim of the course is to develop knowledge in biomaterials, including biomaterials design, characterisation, fabrication, and application in different fields of medicine. The students will learn about metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites used in medicine, and the role of materials science in their design and optimization. The course will also provide an insight into modern methods of shaping material properties, design, and manufacturing, in the aspect of their interaction with the living cells and replacement or regeneration of tissues and organs. Other topics include the impact of the living organism on the biomaterial and implant behaviour, degradation of various biomaterials, basics of cells and tissue biology, biocompatibility, biophysical, biochemical, and biomechanical requirements for biomaterials and medical devices.  


Examples of modules:  

• Materials Design  

• Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology  

• Phase Transformations  

• Thermodynamics of Alloys  

• Biomaterials  

• Bioengineering  

• Methods of Biomaterials Characterization  

• Tissue engineering  

• Defects of Crystalline Structure  

• Microbiological Corrosion  


Graduate profile:

• biomedical companies  

• state and private hospitals and diagnostic clinics  

• research, testing, and diagnostic laboratories  

• research centres  

• healthcare consultancy services