Electrical Engineering

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering  

Faculty of Electrical Engineering  

Duration: 1,5 years  

Starts in: October 

Students of M.Sc. Electrical Engineering acquires comprehensive qualifications and knowledge in the area of the power system (planning, optimisation, and control), electrical power quality, electromagnetic compatibility, electromechanical drive systems, electrical traction, measurement systems (hardware and software), intelligent electrical installations, and IT (artificial intelligence in power engineering, computational methods, and algorithms, microprocessor engineering).  


Examples of modules:  

• Electrical Measurement of Non-Electrical Parameters  

• Electromechanical Drive Systems  

• Energy Conversions  

• Selected Problems of Circuit Theory  

• Short Circuits in Power Systems  

• Numerical Methods in Technics  


The graduate can:  

• design and construct electrical circuits, systems, and equipment;  

• use highly complex electrical machines and equipment;  

• design and use industrial equipment processing electric energy;  

• apply electric circuits and equipment in production processes;  

• design industrial plants supply systems and networks.  


Career opportunities:  

• electrical engineering companies;  

• construction and design bureaus for electrical equipment;  

• distribution and commercial companies dealing with electric equipment and controls;  

• professional power engineering sector;  

• design and installation companies