Mobile Mapping & Navigation Systems

M.Sc. Geodesy and Cartography  

Specialization: Mobile Mapping and Navigation Systems 

Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography  

Duration: 1,5 years  

Starts in: October 

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The program's main aim is to acquire knowledge in the field of collecting, processing, and analysis of spatial data for the needs of modern navigation systems. You will learn the principles of designing, developing, and using mobile measurement platforms and mobile mapping systems (MMS), how to design location-based systems (LBS) and navigation applications (GNSS, GNSS/INS), and how to choose appropriate techniques for acquiring spatial data (photogrammetry, remote sensing, computer vision). Furthermore, you will learn about outdoor (self-driving cars, UAV) and indoor navigation systems. Finally, you will be trained to integrate and process the data from multiple sensors for navigation applications. You will create technologies of the future.  


Examples of modules:  

• Standards for geodata  

• Modern Photogrammetry  

• 3D city modelling  

• Programming language with numerical methods  

• Reference systems for navigation  

• Integrated Navigation Systems  

• Satellite Navigation Systems  

• Principles of transport economics  

• Intelligent Transportation Systems and Autonomous Cars  

• Urban solutions for autonomous vehicles  


Graduate profile:

• processing and analysis of geospatial data  

• designing location and navigation applications  

• developing positioning and attitude determination systems for mobile measurement platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), mobile measurement platforms (MMS/MLS), etc.  

• creating systems for crisis management  

• intelligent transport technologies