Mr Alejandro Eduardo Velarde Tirado

Mr Alejandro Eduardo Velarde Tirado

E-mail address:

Country of origin: Mexico

Faculty: Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering (SiMR)

Level: B.Sc., 4th year

Course: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Engineering

Languages: English, Spanish (native)

Additional information: I love sports, especially football and tennis. In my free time, I like hanging out with friends, listening to music or podcasts, watching movies and series, playing video games and reading sometimes. I enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures. I believe coming to study in Poland is one of the best decisions I have taken. As a student ambassador, I want to help you to adapt to the university and this new incredible phase of your life. 


Why did I choose to study Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering? 

Due to my father's work at Chrysler, since childhood, I have been able to visit the assembly plant and see with my own eyes, how cars are built, which made me interested in this industry, and especially because I believe that electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles are the future. 


Why did I decide to study in Poland? 

The fact that I could find a good European university with prestige and with the studies and speciality I am interested in and available in English made my decision easier. Additionally, the cost of living, religion, culture, and history was also an important factor for me.